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Writers are very important in our today’s society. They give us a chance to escape the world around us. Sometimes they give us the cold heart truth. Without writers there would be a little interest in life. They are everywhere and in every professional field. Here is a list of movies and books that about writers.

Maya Angelou is famous poet, writer, and speech lady. Her famous poem was called, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She also got to work with Martin Luther King Jr. Her life’s work consists of writing lovely poetry, being in Broadway, and helping people. Her writings helped all races and ages. There is a book about her called, Maya Angelou, Biography.
The book talks about her life and adventures. It talks about where she grew up and went to school.

J.M Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, has a movie about him called, “Finding Never land”. It talks about his journey and soul searching of coming up with Peter Pan. He watches another family’s children that never want to age or grow up. The person that plays J.M Barrie in the movie is Johnny Depp. The movie’s release date was November 2004.

Beatrice Potter uses the great writer that came up with the Peter Cottontail stories. However, there isn’t a movie about it, but there is a play called “Beatrice Potter” that talks about her life’s work. The play was popular to high school students and elders. Bad news is that the play is no long in production.

The Brothers Grimm were Jacob Grimm (who died in September 20, 1863) and his brother Wilhelm Grimm (who died in December 16, 1859) came up with stories using folklore, but adding a little twist in them.
The brothers have a movie on them called “The Brothers Grimm.” The movie more like shows the journey of what the brother’s did. There writing was so much interesting, much less had a moral at the end. The movie was a hit.

William Butler Yeats was an Irishman poet and screenwriter. He combined the Irish folklore into other parts with it such as; Gaelic verse. He was trying to get his name out in the American literature. He did before he did in twentieth century, which came along with his books of poetry that was published.
There is a book that is about his life’s accomplishments and achievements with the book called, The Life and Works of William Butler Yates.


Writers are everywhere. Many are known, but few are called to be in books about themselves and movies. Being a writer is a hard life. Read and watch these movies of them, then you can say they had a beautiful adventure.

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