The etymology of the Industrial Terms

If you access any reputable Etymology publication it gives you the earliest year of the word when it was spoken. You need to be little sceptic about the actual year though as prior to the recorded year, word may have spoken few times but no one recorded it!

This article provides an explanation of following words:


  1. Woodworking: Wood means trees, a timber woods. Work means to do something, deed, action, business, proceeding and few others. Woodworking means something made out of woods, like woodwork! In today’s modern language woodworking means a process of building, making or carving something out of woods. You can find woodworking machines and woodworking plans on the internet !


  1. Polishing: Polish means to make something smooth, when used in different sentences can generate different explanation. For example, if I say did you polish the table? It means I am asking whether you clean the table or it could also mean you varnished the table! Today, polishing means exactly the same thing, nevertheless today a list of items which we can use to polish with has certainly increased! But you have much more choice: you can look for some polishing detergent and do it yourself, or find a polishing robot or a  polishing machine, but that will maybe be too much for a simple household.
  1. Hot Stamping: Hot means flaming, opposite of cold, fierce, intense, and excited! Many meaning of the same word, nothing new in English language, right? If I say, that girl is hot can be understood in various ways! It could mean she is attractive hot or feverish hot! You also need to use the setting to helo you decide “which hot” I was referring to! Stamping means a stamping tool, something which is used to imprint an official mark. Today Hot Stamping means exactly same things, I think! The word is used in the same context. This word is also very simple “Hot” before stamping suggests that somehow “something heats up and then prints a mark on a thing”. Guess what ? You can find an hot stamping machine too 🙂


I do think that explanation of English words can sometime be simple and self explanatory! Sometime general populations like to complicate things for complex reasons! I think you can make a little “English word games” for yourself! Give yourself a challenge to solve the complexity of words. You can also add “Etymology” to confuse your participants!


I also think that explanation of these words is pretty much similar to what we “make of them today”, especially in industrial terms! Is this a sigh that industries weren’t as evolving as language! I think this probably is a wise thing to do, there is no point changing the words or meaning of it, if functioning remain the same.

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November 2020