Etymology of music terms

The real meaning of the word “music is not unique and there more than a debate because of the different meanings used in the various historical periods referring to “music”. Etymologically speaking, the word derives from the greek word “μουσικός”, Mousikos, relative to the Muses, the figures of Greek and Roman mythology. The word refers to “technique”, which is also derived from the greek word “τέχνη” / techne. Originally the term did not indicate a particular art, but all the arts of the Muses, so it was referred to something that was “perfect”.

Music is like everything else that meets the desires and aspirations. The greek philosopher Plato, according to the derivation of the term from the greek word “μῶσθαι”, which means desire or “aspire to”, the term music derive from “muse”.

The common idea is that music is made ​​up of sounds makes it difficult to understand because it is not always true that the sound “makes” music (what is music for someone may not be for others). To make the sound create music is necessary that those who perceive it, take satisfaction from it. This satisfaction can be physical or mental, real or fantastic.

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November 2020